Was really quite sick, so that I couldn even walk from the car

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Canada Goose Outlet I didn’t want to give them canada goose outlet eu any more data as it didn’t seem they were canada goose down uk capable of looking after it.”Yvonne also explained that she was then left with no idea canada goose black friday canada whether her ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) would be paid, meaning she didn’t dare canada goose and black friday spend any money over Christmas.Edinburgh Live reached out to Maximus UK for comment, who claimed that Yvonne’s records weren’t lost after all, and that the person who told her they had was incorrect and had made a mistake.The Centre for Health and Disability Assessments spokesperson said: “We apologise to Ms Gardner for her experience with our service. We have rigorous quality monitoring standards and we regularly audit assessment reports to ensure they are as accurate as possible. In this case, we found that the original assessment report did not fully meet our standards.”We are seeking further medical evidence to avoid a repeat assessment and we will compensate Ms Gardner for canada goose outlet in montreal the inconvenience caused.”Yvonne said they then got in touch with her to say the “lost” records had been found again, and passed to the DWP.However, on Christmas Eve, she was expecting to receive a letter confirming that the issue had been sorted out and that her benefits would still be paid.(Image: Google Maps)But the brown envelope just contained information on how to claim compensation for the “inconvenience” with no details of how the mistake would affect her in the long term, meaning she was still left facing uncertainty.Her ESA was due to be paid to her on 8 January, but despite sending repeated emails over Christmas and canada goose outlet website review New Year, Ms Gardner wasn’t told whether she would receive the money.She finally got through to the DWP on 7 January almost a month after she was told her records were lost, and the day before the anniversary of her father’s death and was told she would be receiving her ESA payment the following day.Yvonne chose to share her experience to raise awareness of the stress and difficulty facing disabled people in Edinburgh and the Lothians Canada Goose Outlet.