This is indeed a problem, though US prisons often tend to lean

Like imagine all that time in the warp where he was killing shit and doing the greatest deeds beach throw, living his dream only for it all to be a figment of his imagination due to trickery and he experiences it all and refuses to let it all go and falls to it/shim.I mean it’s insane as hell that one man can spend all that “time” in the warp and not be corrupted.Killing a demon prince in his first battle.The man took on Mortarion won and pretty much embarrassed him.The guys roaming about in literal madness that drives people insane.Straddles around the garden of nurgle without contracting any disease what so ever.If he was a primarch his actions would be understandable but Matt Ward and all his infinite wisdom decides to make a chapter master be able to pull off more shit than feasible and for a relatively new character (5th edition) just to show up and pull of such ridiculous feats make him the definition of a Mary Sue 15 points submitted 4 days agoWell the parents should be doing their own research for Christ’s sake.I think most people will be alright with it all, it’s a very kid friendly induction into warhammer but I can’t really get into the heads of anyone who’ll find it so horrific for their children. Kids these days watch and play pretty graphic shit these days and I mean who didn’t get into this hobby and reading the books and stuff when they were about 10.The only thing I can even imagine the average parent (in the US anyway) getting furious at is slaanesh but that’s about it cause you know gore is all good but by my suv and shit hair cut will my children be exposed to boobies.But we at least agree about self defense and to defend someone else, which means it pretty easy to concoct a scenario where rape might be justified: Someone has threatened to set off a nuclear bomb in downtown Manhattan unless you rape someone.You could nitpick that hypothetical can you really trust that they actually disarm the bomb if you do as they say? And sure, this is not likely to actually happen. But surely there some number of deaths that would be worse than one rape.”since the word implies unjustified” Depends where you’re sitting.No, that is pretty much the definition of “murder”: “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another,” as opposed to just “killing”, which says nothing about whether it lawful or justified.We have punishment as a deterrent and for “justice” the entire point in prison is for rehabilitation that’s why we have it.Hold up, what do you mean by You said two things that we agree on: As a deterrent and for rehabilitation.This is indeed a problem large throws, though US prisons often tend to lean way too far the other way towards locking people up for so long that rehabilitation is almost pointless.But it sounds like you saying killing is justified here because the system might not punish this guy appropriately?The justice system is beyond fucked right now especially in the US, petty criminals are being thrown in prison for absurd time while huge banks and ceos gouge the fuck out of everyone and get away with it.At this point in time justice is just a word it barely holds meaning anymore because there is no justice for some people who get downtrodden on and have no way to stand up to it legally leaf swimsuit,There will never be a reasonable term for rape ever, that nuke thing you have going there is mental gymnastics at its finest and I don’t care cause that scenario is never going to happen.Murder/killing/slaying/culling what ever the hell you want to call it is most of the time wrong but we have those cases where it’s seen as reasonable again in the average scenario of a rapist it’s still beyond fucked in the head.Killing is easy there are times of passion hell even guns take the personal aspect of killing out of it, you pull the trigger they’re gone done and dusted.

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