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Canada Goose Parka The Wayuu’s matrilineal society, for instance, is personified by Zaida’s mother (Carmia Martnez), a force of nature but not necessarily one for good, as her stance toward her son in law’s trafficking is, as they say, complicated. Another fascinating character is Rapayet’s uncle (Jos Vicente Cote), a character known as “word messenger,” whose function in Wayuu society is the resolution of disputes through diplomacy, and an elaborate system of moral debt and payback.And the disputes are many, leading to some grisly resolutions.It’s a watchable tale, yet it’s also hard to know just how much truth there is in the presentation of the Wayuu, whose presence in the film at times seems more picturesque than plausible. Orth and company also take exception to the portrayal of the Wayuu as well, calling the film “an indigenous ‘Scarface’ without the pretension of historical accuracy.”And maybe it is. Canada Goose Parka

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