They do this because they don want to pay childcare fees

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canada goose black friday sale In an email sent to parents last week, Burrowes State School principal Kristine Lemon said any drop offs done before 8.30am would be met with a small fee, Quest News reported.Kids start classes at the Logan school at 8.50am but the number of parents dropping off their children well before 8.30am led to the staff encouraging parents to take advantage of the cheap, before school service.Parents were told that from Term 4 they be forking out around $2.60 per child for the on site before school care, a why not look here fee that would include breakfast.Costs include federal childcare rebates meaning each family pays differing amounts for the service however it estimated most parents would pay less than $3 a day.The before and after school care policy is already commonplace across other Queensland primary schools but with an increase in the number of kids being dropped off early at the school rises, the principal has suggested the service be used.Since the September 3 email, Ms Lemon suggestion has been overwhelmingly supported on social media.While some people said the change was to working parents who occasionally need to drop their kids off early, the majority of commenters were on the school near Burrowes and I have seen children been (sic) dropped off by parents as early as 7 in the morning and some children are still there until 5 in the afternoon. They do this because they don want to pay childcare fees. As far as I concerned, your child safety is more important, Kelz Lee wrote.want to know should those kids get hurt or go missing who do those parents then blame, because I bet your bottom dollar they go looking for someone and not even consider their own actions, Kirsty Robertson wrote.a sad reality of life these days that these things do happen and primary school aged children are not equipped mentally or physically to deal with it at all canada goose black friday sale.