She performed satisfactory on the racing track winning only 3

It kind of a fast kill or die method though.For story, you probably need to get Ubume to g6 then zash and yama as support.That easy enough to make a very fast breakthrough from where you stand.1) Get your Zashiki 4 asap and soul her properly.2) Get a decent or a half decent healer to 4 and soul him properly. Better be Ebisu or Momo halter bikini set, but a Chocho or a Kusa will do.Your basic team should be Ubu, Zashika, Yama, Iba/Yoto, a healer, and Seimei (a two of star/death/protect).Forget about 6 ing anyone for a while, just work on souls.3) Of all your nice DPS shikis chose one AOE, and work on the souls only for him/her. I focus on Ubume, she can do on pretty average souls (4 5, seductress 4 set, atk atk crit, slots 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 to +9 at least)4) Get your Yama speed to 150+.

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