In DS9 “Civil Defense” a plan is devised to save the station

buy replica bags 3 points submitted 1 hour agoI can think of a single case where anyone starts suffocating immediately solely because of a life support failure, do you have any examples? The closest thing I can think of is in TNG “Brothers” where the bridge was quickly evacuated because of a life support failure, but that was explained as “Atmosphere conditioning pumps on deck one are operating in negative mode.” Which I took to mean it was pumping air out of the room and not in, which is much more of a problem then just going off line, the life support was actually working in reverse.Usually the standing atmosphere is accounted for as far as I can tell. In DS9 “Civil Defense” a plan is devised to save the station by shutting off life support, to which Day replies, “For twelve hours. And then everyone on the station will suffocate when we run out of oxygen.”In DS9, “Q less”, a runabout arrives at the station with power levels so low “there not enough juice left in the ship to release the servos.” In that case the occupant wasn dead but “Oxygen levels have dropped dangerously low” suggesting that some time passed between losing life support and oxygen levels being so low as to suffocate.In DS9, “Our Man Bashir”, the entire station lost life support when the computing memory of the entire station was used to store the brain patterns of five crewmen and yet no one seemed particularly worried about the lack of oxygen. buy replica bags

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