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canada goose coats That is a factor like it that some industry canada goose cap uk experts believe is tantamount to becoming a “contract producer,” where the fundamentals of your business become reliant on which LP is willing to buy your product.Sutton claims that Tantalus is in “talks with several provinces,” although no contracts have been realized as yet.”Anyone that’s coming to market and doesn’t have a supply contract won’t have scale for a few years,” said Zandberg.Another private licensed producer on the radar of industry observers is New Brunswick based Zenabis, which owns a 380,000 square feet growing facility that it claims is the “largest indoor medical cannabis cultivation footprint” in Canada. Zenabis currently has supply agreements with British Columbia, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.”Look, we have sufficient capital to self fund this venture. That’s why we wanted to canada goose outlet ottawa remain private,” said Rick Brar, co founder of Zenabis.”Will there be a time and place for Zenabis to look at the public market? Perhaps, yes. canada goose coats

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