AAP understands that de Belin declined the opportunity and the

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canadian goose jacket De Belin and Dragons officials on Wednesday met with NRL CEO Todd Greenberg, who attempted to convince him to stand down of his own accord while he answers a rape charge.AAP understands that de Belin declined the opportunity and the Dragons will instead wait for the outcome of Thursday momentous meeting of canada goose uk phone number the independent commission.Every game of every round canada goose jacket uk womens of the NRL LIVE with no ad breaks during play. Get it all on Foxtel!Debate has raged about whether he should be sidelined after rugby league game copped a tidal wave of negative publicity over the off season caused by a string of off field scandals.The ARLC will decide whether to change the game policy so it can stand down players while they answer serious criminal charges a move opposed by the Rugby League Players Association (RLPA).South Sydney forward Sam Burgess didn want to buy into the debate going on at Rugby League Central, however, he said he was of the belief that player behaviour was better than at any time during his career.been some terrible coverage in the press but player behaviour is probably as good as it been over the years.just more reported on, things catch fire a lot quicker. For all the negative press, there some fantastic role models and great players. canadian goose jacket

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